AI Yearbook Trend: How To Do Viral Ai 90s Photo Trend For Free

AI Yearbook Trend

AI is bringing back the High school yearbook nostalgia, and people are having a lot of fun by creating AI yearbook trend on TikTok and Instagram.

You want to learn how to create the viral Ai yearbook trend photos? We’ve got you covered with step-by-step guide in this blog.

Remember Beverly Hills 902010? The 1990s drama that created so many trends for the teenagers back then. The age of social media is bringing back that nostalgia. Since people love going back in time and recreating old memories, a 90s theme inspired trend is going viral on both Instagram and TikTok, “AI Yearbook Trend“. People are using Ai apps, Ai image Generators, and Ai photo editors to recreate their own photos into 90s teenage movie character styles. #AiYearBookTrend is viral on Instagram and has some great photos posted under this hashtag.

This trend was launnched by Epik app, Epik is an AI photo and video editor app with 50M+ installs on PlayStrore. Epik itself introduced the Yearbook trend on social media to market the app, which generates upto 60 different varieties of images of a person based on 8-12 uploaded selfies. These AI generated images show your faces with 90s clothes, hairstyle, poses, filter effects of the American student yearbooks.

AI Yearbook Trend

How to Make an Ai Yearbook

There are several free and paid apps to turn your photos into AI Yearbook Trend. Let’s see how you can do it with various apps one by one:

How to Make The Ai Yearbook Trend with Epik App

The Epik App is available on PlayStore and AppStore for free, its tagline is “90s Throwback with Ai Yearbook”. But to access the Ai Yearbook trend feature, you’ll need to purchase the upgraded version of the app.

  1. Download the EPIK AI Photo and Video Editor App (Epik iOS and Epik Android)
  2. Open “AI Yearbook” tab within the app
  3. Upload your 8 to 12 selfies / photos.
  4. Choose your gender
  5. Select your peferred payment option: the “Standard” option is $5.99 for 24 hours and the “Express” option is $9.99 for two hours.
  6. Tap on “Create Yearbook Images.”
  7. Edit your images with filters, frames, and backdrops.
  8. Select “Process” to finalize your AI Yearbook Generation.

The “Standard” option will take upto 24 hours to deliver you the Yearbook style photos. And the “Express” option will deliver them in 2 hours. The app is in huge demand these days and the downloads on PlayStore have increased by 30X since the AI Yearbook Feature was first launched.

A lot of notable celebrities like Keke Palmer, Guy Fieri, Bretman Rock, James Charles, YouTube Hila Klein, and Pokimane have tried the app to recreate their 1990s high school memories.

Keke Palmer AI Yearbook Trend

These photos by celebrities made the ai trend go viral in the states and people jumped on the bandwagon.

How to Make the Ai Yearbook for free

You don’t need to spend $5.99 or $9.99 to generate your Ai Yearbook photos. You can get it done for free using AI Photo Generators and Ai Filter apps like ArtGuru.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on generating Yearbook photos for free:

  1. Visit ArtGuru website.
  2. Create a free account on ArtGuru and select “Face Swap Online” option in it.
  3. Then click on “Add Face” to upload your own high-quality selfies and images.
  4. Now browse the gallery under “Choose Photo To Replace” and find the image that matches with AI Yearbook Trend style.
  5. Select your favorite image and click on “Generate”.
  6. Once your image is generated, download it and use on Instgram and TikTok.

If you are not satisfied with the output, continue browsing the photo gallery to find 90s style photos that match the Yearbook trend styles and themes.

ProTip for creating Ai Yearbook Trend photos:

There many many Image to Image Ai generators on the Internet, that can help you generate various styles of photos from your own selfies. These tools are also called Ai Avatar Generator.

Here is a list of 15 best AI Avatar generators that you can try to convert your selfies into 90s style photos.

  1. AI Avatar Generator
  2. PicsArt
  3. Neural Love
  4. Starry AI
  5. Dyvo AI
  6. AI Avatar Maker, AI Portrait
  7. Portrait AI
  8. Media io
  9. OpenArt
  10. Dawn AI
  11. Lensa
  12. Sommo io
  13. Avatar AI
  14. Appy Pie
  15. Profile Picture AI

Some of these are paid tools and some are free, but the best part is, you can instantly generate your AI Yearbook trend photos with these apps. Try our RenderNet AI’s free credits to get the same results quickly for free.

Best Ai Yearbook Trend Photos from Instagram

Here are some of the most liked Ai Yearbook Trend photos we picked from Instagram:

AI Yearbook Trend on Instagram

Here’s another image we found on Instagram from the #AiYearBookTrend. As you can see, people have generated and posted a carousel of photos of their own 90s style photos.


How do I do the yearbook AI trend?

The most popular app to do the Yearbook Ai trend is EPIK photo editor app. This app is available on iOS App store and PlayStore. You’ll need to install it, “AI Yearbook” tap in it, upload your selfies, and pay to generate the trendy photos. Depending on the payment tier you choose, you’ll get the 90s high school yearbook photos in 2 to 23 hours that you can post on TikTok or Instagram to participate in the trend.

How to do the AI Yaerbook trend for free?

You can do the Ai Yearbook trend for free using AI photo editor apps like ArtGuru, Fotor, RenderNet, etc. Here’s a list of best AI Avatar generators that you can try out:
1. AI Avatar Generator
2. PicsArt
3. Neural Love
4. Starry AI
5. Dyvo AI
6. AI Avatar Maker, AI Portrait
7. Portrait AI

What is the AI yearbook trend on Instagram?

Epik App popularised the trend of creating 90s style yearbook photos from your selfies using its Ai photo editor feature. People are uploading 8-12 selfies to generate their own photos in 90s style theme of American High School Yearbook and posting it on Instagram. This was also done by social media celebrities and it became a trend very quickly.

Is the AI yearbook trend free?

If you use the Epik App to generate your AI yearbook photos, it’ll cost you $5.99 or $9.99. But there are free alternatives like Lensa Ai – photo editing and AI art app, has been used for this AI trend too. Here’s how you can generate yearbook style photos using the Lensa app:

1. Install Lensa app from Google PlayStore or iOS App Store.
2. Signup for 7-day Free Trial to use the app.
3. Select Try Now > Select Type > Styles.
4. Tap “Select 15-20 Selfies” and upload your clearly visible selfies on the app
5. Click Import > Check Out > and Notify Me.
6. Lastly, tap on “Magic Avatars” and save your favorite avatar that matches the most with 90s Yearbook trend.

If you want to use other apps, you can checkout these Lensa Ai Alternative.

Is AI yearbook app paid?

The Epil AI yearbook generator app is paid, you have to pay a fee of $5.99 or $9.99 to create your photos in 90s style. Epik app has 2 payment options: “Standard” option that costs $5.99 and will generate photos within 24 hours and “express” option costs $9.99 and will generate your photos within two hours.