What Is Sora AI Text to Video Generator and How to Use It

sora ai

The AI race is on at full speed. Recently, startups and big players have been focusing on video generators, with many announcements coming in.

Yesterday, the creator officially joined the club. The news of OpenAI’s Sora AI could be groundbreaking with its ultra-realistic deep-learning model.

The AI isn’t out for everyone yet, but its posted cases have amazed creators worldwide. Let’s see what Sora plans to do!

After intense competition, text-to-image technology can generate short videos from text commands. The topic now is video generators.

Recently, Sora AI joined the latest AI releases alongside Midjourney and Google Lumiere. None have matched Sora text to video AI consistent hyperrealistic quality, not even long-standing options like Runway.

Believe us, we’ve reviewed them and can confirm! Although we once thought the technology wasn’t advanced enough to replace stock footage, we’re starting to doubt that.

Is Sora AI the Next Step in Generative AI?

sora ai text to video generator

What makes Sora unique? Unlike other websites like Synthesia, it can make videos in 60 seconds. The announcement shows that the clips have detailed scenes, moving cameras, and lively characters with strong emotions. The model can understand user requests and how things function in the real world.

The Capabilities of Open AI’s Sora

OpenAI’s new baby stands out because it can mix shots in a single video. Certainly! It’s not perfect, but it’s the first model we’ve seen of a model sequence of various shots in one clip. 

Additionally, Sora can handle lengthy prompts, as seen in examples with detailed directions exceeding 100 words. Thanks to Dall-E’s training, you can choose a style with both 2D and 3D animations available.

Drawbacks of Sora AI Text to Video Generator

Most of Sora’s videos look realistic, particularly if you’ve used other text-to-video generators and understand their limits.

OpenAI developers acknowledge that the recent Sora model struggles with understanding difficult scenes and cause-and-effect relationships.

The Public’s Reaction to Sora AI

The announcement sparked both love and hate. Many on social media worry that this could lead to abuse and job losses in the visionary field.

Is Sora AI Available?

It’s hard to draw decisions while the Sora AI is in beta. We just have sample videos from OpenAI’s team. Let’s wait for the public release. 

Developers didn’t specify when Sora AI will be available, but they emphasized they’ll prioritize safety criteria first. This involves collaborating with experts to stop people from misusing the new technology, particularly in areas like bias, hateful content, and misinformation.

The announcement also pledged to give access to certain visual filmmakers, designers, and artists. The aim is to get feedback to improve the model for creative experts.

Those are good intentions, but how will Sora AI handle industry concerns, attribution issues, and backlash? Let’s wait and see.

If you wish to see Sora demos, check OpenAI’s announcement. Sam Altman also shares user-requested prompt videos on X.

A Brief Summary to Sora AI

Here is a summary of what Sora AI is all about.

OpenAI’s New Video Generation Tool “Sora”

  • OpenAI’s Sora can generate realistic videos up to a minute long from simple text prompts.
  • Prompts demonstrated include creating a movie trailer, a drone view of waves crashing against a beach, and a close-up video of two pirate ships battling inside a cup of coffee.
  • The quality and authenticity of Sora have left users amazed.

Advancements and Capabilities

  • OpenAI aims to teach AI to understand and simulate the physical world in motion, with the goal of training models to help solve real-world interaction problems.
  • OpenAI’s Sora surpasses the quality of other existing text-to-video AI tools.
  • Sora’s abilities seem far better than current models, surpassing technology demonstrated by Google and Meta in the past.

User Interactions and Requests

  • YouTube star Mr Beast requested a video of a monkey playing chess in a park, which Sora generated.
  • OpenAI invited Twitter users to request videos, resulting in examples like a street-level tour through a futuristic city and two golden retrievers podcasting on top of a mountain.

Functionality and Limitations

  • Thanks to its understanding of language, Sora not only comprehends user prompts but also interprets how elements manifest in real-world scenarios.
  • Sora is currently only available to researchers for assessing potential harms and risks.
  • Some weaknesses of Sora include struggling to simulate complex scene physics and following specific camera trajectories.

Safety Measures and Collaboration

  • OpenAI is developing tools to discern if Sora generated a video to address the potential risks of fake content.
  • Collaboration with experts in areas like misinformation, hateful content, and bias is underway to address safety concerns.
  • Existing safety protocols will be used to screen and reject input prompts violating usage policies.

Is There Any Other Free Text-To-Video Generator?

Let’s introduce three text-to-video AI generators and creators for social media and business promotion, such as Lucas AI Video Creator, Pictory, and Wave.video.

These tools convert text into videos by finding suitable stock videos and images related to the imported text.

Lucas AI Video Creator is chat prompt-powered and offers free usage with 15 credits. It generates videos based on the text input and allows editing and customization.

Pictory provides a more advanced approach with a free trial, allowing up to three video projects, each up to 10 minutes long.

Wave.video offers a free option with 15 minutes of video creation with a watermark.

1. Lucas AI Video Creator

lucas ai text to video generator

The tool is free to use and has a chat prompt-powered feature.

Users can enter prompts, and the AI will generate videos based on the text input, providing options for editing and customization. Videos can be downloaded without watermarks, and 15 credits are provided, with videos stored on the server for up to 30 days.

2. Pictory

pictory ai video generator

Pictory offers a free trial with more advanced features and flexibility. Users can convert any script or text into a video, edit videos using text, and have full flexibility in video creation. The tool allows for automatic or manual keyword highlighting and offers a variety of templates for customization.

3. Wave.video

wave video text to video generator

The tool offers a free option with 15 minutes of video creation with a watermark. Users can generate videos from text, select preferred stock assets, and choose the video’s audio mood, format, and style. It provides limited template options and may have hit-and-miss results in video generation.


OpenAI’s Sora presents a significant advancement in the field of generative AI, with a focus on maintaining safety and authenticity.


Is Sora on ChatGPT?

Sora is not a part of ChatGPT. It’s OpenAI’s text-to-video tool, making videos from text prompts using AI. It’s not ready for the public yet. OpenAI is talking to artists and policymakers before it’s released.

How Do I Access Sora OpenAI?

Currently, the Sora AI isn’t accessible, and there’s no waiting list. They’ll update you once it’s available.

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