20 Best NovelAI Image Generation Prompt Tips

novelai image generation prompt tips

In this tutorial, we will teach you to use NovelAI to produce stunning, commercial-quality, reactive images with NovelAI image generation prompt tips.

When you first use NovelAI, you discover that it’s quite simple to achieve the desired results.

After much trial and error, we have discovered the NovelAI image generation prompt tips approaches that will improve the quality of your images. Let’s begin, then!

What Is AI Image Prompts?

An image prompt gives users a photo with clickable parts where they can choose a specific value for their prompt. 

Use Novel AI image prompts, one of the best AI image generators, to generate beautiful images using the creative image prompts. Also, remember that you have to purchase a plan or have a NovelAI gift key to generate images.

NovelAI Image Generation Prompt Tips

For best Novel AI prompts, follow these NovelAI image generation prompt tips:

  • Don’t let the tags limit your description of what you desire; instead, be specific. Use them as a guide, not as a boundary.
  • For emphasis, enclose the phrase in curly brackets: {{{{ Red }}}}. It is recommended that users of Stable Diffusion use: ((( Red )))
  • The NovelAI tool won’t save the images after you’re done using it each time. Save the photos you enjoy, or they’ll disappear forever.

Novel AI Prompt Guide

Your prompt will determine how much guidance the AI will provide. Higher values keep it closer to your prompt’s main idea, but if it’s too high, it might backfire. Lower values make the AI’s output more artistic and gentle, while higher ones make it more detailed and sharp.

Unwanted Content Strength

This feature works for the V2 and V3 models, changing how unwanted content impacts your images.

Quick Guidance Rescale

NovelAI V3 model works best with low Recommendation values. However, if you prefer more elevated values to impact the picture, this setting allows for reducing extreme color saturation. Adjust the slider if colors seem too intense or oversaturated.


This option, found next to the Prompt Guidance slider, helps with visual issues and fixes color in images generated with more elevated Guidance. It’s meant for high— Guidance images but works for any level.

Best NovelAI Image Generation Prompts

A list of the 20 best NovelAI image generation prompts is provided below:

1. Anime NovelAI Image Prompts

anime novelai image prompts
  1. The anime girl stands in a field of flowers with her flowing hair and piercing blue eyes.
  2. Around a campfire, anime friends talk and laugh.
  3. The eyes of an anime character are shown in close-up, showing all the details and emotions they are experiencing.
  4. This anime landscape stretches out to infinity, with mountains, rivers, and forests.
  5. With dynamic poses and epic action, anime characters fight a powerful enemy.

2. Fantasy NovelAI Image Prompts

fantasy novelai image prompts
  1. There is a majestic dragon flying through the sky with its wings spread wide.
  2. Exploring a mysterious dungeon with a group of adventurers.
  3. Among the trees, a beautiful elf maiden sits in a clearing.
  4. Lightning and energy swirl around a powerful wizard casting a spell.
  5. With sparks flying and swords clashing, a knight battles a dragon.

3. Sci-fi NovelAI Image Prompts

sci-fi novelai image prompts
  1. Skyscrapers soar, and flying cars flit across the sky.
  2. Exploring a strange and alien planet with a group of astronauts.
  3. An in-depth view of a robot’s face reveals its intricate circuitry and machinery.
  4. Laser beams and explosions fill the air as a massive spaceship fights a fleet of enemy ships.
  5. Alien spies explore a human city disguised as humans.

4. Realism NovelAI Image Prompts

  1. This photorealistic portrait of a human face captures all the little imperfections and details.
  2. Stunning mountain, river, and forest landscape photograph.
  3. A close-up photograph showing a flower’s intricate details and delicate petals.
  4. Perfectly capturing all the drama and intensity of a historical event.
  5. The beauty and power of a wild animal in its natural habitat.

These are the NovelAI image generation prompt tips to use. Now let’s discuss what people query related to this topic.

Setting for NovelAI Prompt

image setting for novelai image generation prompt tips

Do these settings for NovelAI prompts in this NovelAI image generation tips guide.


Imagine it like the amount of time the AI dedicates to improving the image. Typically, the better steps it takes, the better the quality becomes. However, keep in mind that the improvement doesn’t increase as much once you reach a certain point.

Begin with the number 28, as NovelAI will only charge you Anlas when you reach 29 steps. This rule applies specifically to the Opus plan, while lower-tier plans do not incur Anlas charges for all NovelAI image generations.

NovelAI can go up to 50 steps at most, while Stable Diffusion can go much further with its steps.

We suggest trying out 28 steps first. If you find a prompt you like, increase the steps and give it another go!


Scale, or CFG scale, determines how much you wish the Artificial Intelligence to pay attention to your prompt.

Increasing this value will make the AI stick to your prompt for longer. While a smaller value lets it be more creative and go off-track from your request. To begin with, it’s a good idea to use a number between 5 and 15.

We prefer using a smaller scale, like 4-7, because we enjoy allowing the AI to surprise us with unexpected results.


AI’s thoughts on your image:

  • k_euler is favored because it usually gives reliable and expected results.
  • There can be a lot of artistic and expressive potential in ddim.


These generators begin with a random, messy image called “noise.”

At each step, they work to make the noisy image resemble something the model is familiar with.

Every seed value matches precisely with its own initial noise image.

This means that if you employ the same prompts, same settings, and the same starting point as someone else, you can create a very similar image, almost exactly the same, about 90% to 100% of the time.

Using the same starting point and adjusting all the other options is a good way to understand how each of those options affects the final picture.


Picture yourself as a sculptor who has chosen to create a sculpture of a dragon.

The raw material needs to be large to get started. However, some small pieces of material, like seeds, might not be very good for what you want to do.

You only figure this out after you’ve taken off many layers (done many steps).

With the maple block (another seed), you decide to give it another shot.

It’s a dragon, quite boring. If you are going to start again, maybe you will need drugs first (scale: lowering the scale means better freedom from the prompt).

Image Quality Improvement

An overview of generic templates to start with in this NovelAI image generation prompt tips guide.

Generic Templates

Here’s a generic template to help you begin. Feel free to customize it.


{1girl}, {beautiful eyes}, {illustration}, {cinematic lighting}, {{ultra-detailed}}, {{{best quality}}}, {{{masterpiece}}}.

Undesired Content

Artist name, blurry, username, watermark, signature, jpeg artifacts, normal quality, low quality, worst quality, cropped, fewer digits, extra digit, missing fingers, error, text, bad hands, bad anatomy, low-res.

We suggest creating a basic template that makes your writing look the way you want, and you can use it at the beginning or end of your writing prompts.

Novelai Image Generation Tags

You can experiment with NovelAI image generation tags and combine them to get fascinating outcomes.

  • exquisitely
  • detailed
  • hyper
  • intricate
  • wonderful
  • accuracy
  • amazing
  • wonder
  • finely
  • super

Negative Prompts

Are you seeing too many changes in body parts that you don’t like? Some suggestions to help you avoid things you might not want to see. Just click the headers to learn more.

For Whole Body

{poorlydrawn}, {mutation}, deformed, disfigured, mutation, gross proportions, ugly, disfigured, unnatural body, uncoordinated body, bad proportions, mutated, malformed, liquid body, bad anatomy, {long body}.

For Hand

{poorlydrawn}, {mutation}, deformed, disfigured, mutation, gross proportions, ugly, disfigured, unnatural body, uncoordinated body, bad proportions, anatomical nonsense, mutated, malformed, liquid body, bad anatomy, { long body }.

For Face

Big mouth, bad tongue, fused mouth, bad mouth, extra eyes, fused eyes, bad eyes, long face, big face, cloned face, fused face, bad face, fused hairs, bad hairs, animal ears, animal ears, missing ears, heavy ears, liquid ears, extra ears, bad ears, fused ears, long neck, liquid tongue.

For Leg

Extra shoes, huge thighs, disappearing thigh, disappearing legs, huge calf, bad feet, extra feet, extra legs, extra knee, missing calf, missing legs, disappearing calf, missing feet, fused calf, extra thighs, malformed feet, bad shoes, missing thighs, bad knee.

Danbooru Image Board

danbooru image board

What is a common element shared by all anime models? They rely on Danbooru as their source of training data. For those unfamiliar, Danbooru stands as the biggest anime imageboard globally and ranks among the leading 1000 websites worldwide.

One big reason why Danbooru is well-liked is because it has a strong tagging system

Each picture there comes with labels that tell you about everything in it, ranging from important categories like who created it, the character, and the fan group it’s related to to the smallest details like ‘feet not shown,’ ‘holding food,’ or ‘purple bowtie,’ and more.

NovelAI can make Danbooru tags with more than 1K images.

How to Get the Best Results From NovelAI Image Generation

To get the best result, if your generated content doesn’t look good, you can make it better by using words like “high quality”, “best quality,” or “masterpiece” in your prompts. This will help you get better data and improve the results immediately.

How Do You Write a Prompt

To write a prompt:

  1. Begin the topic by using a broad idea or a statement to help the student understand what it’s about.
  2. Tell students to come up with ideas and relate to the topic personally.
  3. Explain what you have to write, why you’re writing it, and who will read it.


To sum up, we have covered 20 of the best NovelAI image generation prompt tips. 

Continuously try new things, improve your prompts, and explore different options to stay at the forefront of AI-driven image generation.

By using these helpful NovelAI image generation prompt tips for creating images, you’ll be better prepared to improve your visual storytelling and design projects.

Still, if you don’t want to buy a plan for NovelAI, you can look for free NovelAI alternatives.


How to use NovelAI for image generation?

To use NovelAI for image generation, you need to:
Go to the Image Generation page.
Choose a model.
Enter a text prompt.
Adjust the settings.
Click Generate.

Which AI is best for image generators?

NightCafe is the best AI image generator.

What is undesired content NovelAI?

Undesired Content and Prompt are tabs in one input field. Undesired Content lets you list things you don’t like the AI to include in future outputs.

What tags does NovelAI use?

Quality tags, Aesthetic tags, Year tags, and Renamed tags do NovelAI use.

How do you get good pictures on NovelAI?

To get good pictures on NovelAI, understand NovelAI image generation, utilize tags and settings, follow prompt guidelines, and experiment and explore.