Does Character AI Save Chats, Can Creators See Your Chats?

does character ai save chats

Many alternatives to ChatGPT are out there, and one popular choice is Character AI. With it, you can create your chatbots and chat with others. You can precisely chat with an AI chatbot imitating a famous person.

The question is, “Does Character AI save chats?” Character AI saves chats, but there are concerns about its safety. Users often share private information that staff might monitor your conversations.

This guide will explain the Character AI chatbot so that you can make better choices when talking to the chatbot.

What Is Character AI and How Does It Work? ( is an AI chatbot service where you can talk to characters and create unique personalities., created by the makers of LaMDA, allows text conversations and characters can make images, too. It started on the website but now has mobile applications., like other AI models, needs your feedback to get better at chatting. If you have any issues with its responses, you can send a QPR. This lets read the conversation to improve.

Is Character AI Free?

Yes, the Character AI chatbot is free, but some limits exist. When many people use it, free users might have to wait in line to chat with the AI. Also, they might not get the newest features right away.

Does Character AI Save Chats?

Does Character AI save chats? Yes, Character AI saves your conversation history so you can continue talking to a character you’ve spoken with before.

Company employees can read any chat you start on because the chats aren’t encrypted like WhatsApp messages.

This is hinted at in the chatbot privacy policy. We’ll talk about more later.

Can Character AI Creators See Your Chats?

In usual situations, chats with AI characters are private unless shared publicly. Only the character and user can see these chats. Creators of the AI character don’t see private chats unless they’re made public.


  • If users violate website rules, creators may read chats without permission.
  • Accounts on the site aren’t very secure, so hacking into them to read chats is possible.
  • To stay safe, use strong, hard-to-guess passwords for account protection.

In short, Creators of can only read chats if a user is reported.

Are Character AI Chats Private and Safe?

The major question is, “Are Character AI chats private and safe?” It’s hard to be sure if Character AI is safe. It gathers much user data but hardly any public report about its networks and servers’ security. Since there are worries about the platform’s safety, safeguard your privacy using a reliable VPN and sign up with a separate email.

If you make a chatbot, you can’t see conversations others have with it, but the company behind it can see all chats. So, keep that in mind when talking to chatbots.

Yet, a user of Reddit reported in November. couldn’t confirm the report, but ChatGPT has faced title exposure problems, so it’s possible.

While Character AI uses strict NSFW filters to prevent bots from responding inappropriately, there are still reports of sending abusive messages and harmful to users.

Users who might be bothered by such content should be careful about the chats they start on the website. Many users try to get past the chatbot’s rules. A petition for an NSFW toggle got 5,000+ signatures.

How to Save Chats in Character AI?

Click the “Save Chat” sign at the top right of the chat window to save the discussion for later.

How to Manage Saved Chats in Character AI?

Sign in to the account and visit your homepage. Choose the chat you wish to remove saved conversations. Then, click the 3 dots to see saved chats.

Delete certain messages from your chat. Choose the messages you want to remove and tap on “Remove.” Once done, remove the conversation from the homepage. You can keep chatting or delete the entire chat by pressing edit.

After you delete it, the chat won’t show on the homepage anymore.

What to Do to Fix Character AI Chats That Are Not Saving?

The problem with conversations not saving is because of the server. The Character AI developers need to fix it. Meanwhile, you can try some solutions to get your old chats back.

1. Delete the Cache in Your Browser

delete the cache in your browser for does character ai save chats
delete the cache in your browser | does character ai save chats

After using your browser for a while, it gathers a lot of unnecessary data, making it act weird and slowing down websites. To fix this, just clear your browser’s cache.

2. Log Out and Log In

log out and log in for does character ai save chats
log out and log in | does character ai save chats

Sometimes, if your account doesn’t load properly when you log in, try logging out and back in again, as long as your device is connected to your internet.

3. Update your App

You can get Character AI on iOS and Android as smartphone apps. If you’re having trouble with lost chats or deleted messages, just update the app on your iPhone and Android.

4. Verify the Connection to the Internet

verify the connection to the internet for does character ai save chats
verify the connection to the internet | does character ai save chats

If the internet is shaky, chats won’t load properly or might take too long. Plus, conversations won’t be saved because of the interruptions.

Make sure other websites or apps that need the internet are loading. If they’re not, contact your internet provider to report the issue. Also, try unplugging from your router and restarting it according to your internet provider’s instructions.

5. Inform Character AI of the Issue

If you’re having trouble with chats disappearing and want to tell the people who run Character AI about it, you can email [email protected]. Just explain that your main concern is conversations getting removed from past conversations. The clearer you explain the problem, the better their chance of fixing it.

6. To Access, Use an Alternative Browser

to access character ai use an alternative browser for does character ai save chats
to access character ai use an alternative browser | does character ai save chats

Are you struggling with deleted or unsaved chats while using Character AI in your usual browser? Try using a different browser like Edge, Brave, or Safari to see if your old conversations are still there and if new ones save properly even after you close your browser.

7. Update Your Browser

Although there’s no direct link between Character AI issues and a faulty browser, installing any available updates for your browser is a good idea.

Character AI Privacy Policy

When you join Character AI, you must give your email and create a password. Next, you’ll have to verify your email and pick a username. As per the privacy policy, further information gathers includes:

  • Messages and requests for help
  • Records of your device and internet address
  • Cookies from the website
  • Usage information

“Usage Information” is what Character AI describes as “information about how you utilise the service.” Unlike the other sections, this is neatly tucked into the “log data” paragraph rather than given its space in the privacy policy.

Does Remember Conversations?

Character AI remembers past discussions, so chats flow smoothly. It keeps track of what’s been said, making the chat feel natural and uninterrupted. The privacy policy expresses that your chat history could be saved and viewed by the Character AI team and developers.

Character AI Safety Tips

While is safe, it does have some possible risks. One concern is that the technology can create natural personalities and actions, possibly causing deepfake manipulation or fake information.

Another trouble is finding the right mix of being creative and careful. This means having strict rules, ensuring everyone acts ethically, and getting user agreement to reduce possible problems.

To keep your privacy safe with Character AI, always check the privacy rules, adjust settings as needed, and use any privacy options available.

When using Character AI, be careful and know the risks. Parents should teach kids about online safety and monitor their use.

Character AI Security Settings doesn’t offer extra security with two-step or multi-factor authentication, which could be helpful for users. However, implementing this might require users to add a phone number to their accounts.

Additionally, users only need to make 6-character passwords, and no requirements for special characters, making it very easy to create passwords.

We recommend using a strong and unique password for the account. This is especially important if you’re putting sensitive information into the chatbot, which we strongly advise against.

Conclusion: Is Character AI a Real Person isn’t a real person; it’s a smart technology miming human-like chats using AI. It’s fully automated, with no humans behind the scenes.

While it seems human-like in its responses, Character AI doesn’t have self-awareness, consciousness, or the capacity to feel critically like a real person. So, when talking to Character AI, you’re talking to a computer program, not a real person.

However, we have covered all the details regarding “Does character AI save chats.” Read our article thoroughly for the answer to “Does character AI save chats.”


How to save chats in Character AI?

Open your browser and visit Log into the account. Choose the conversation with the character you wish to save. Click the character icon > Save and start new chat > View saved chats.

Does Character.AI remember conversations?

Character AI saves the chat history, so you can continue talking with any character you’ve spoken to before. The industry’s employees can potentially read every chat you have with a character.

How to open Character AI private chat?

To start a private chat in, double-click on the character’s name or type /privatechat (character name) in the chat.

Does know where you live?

No, does not keep personal details like where a user lives. The company is mainly working on making language models and AI chatbots.

Can You Use Character AI Privately?

You can adjust privacy settings for the characters you make and for your posts to decide if they’re visible to everyone or just to you.

Does Character AI steal writing?

No, Character AI doesn’t steal writing.

Can I create characters based on real people?

Using a real person in your fiction can be legally risky, even if you change their names. If you describe a fictional character in enough detail that they resemble a real person, that person might sue you.

How to fix Character AI Not Saving Chats?

Delete the cache in your browser, Log Out and Log In, Update your app, Verify the connection to the internet, and inform Character AI of the issue. To access, use an alternative browser and Update your browser. These fixes can improve Character AI to save your chats.

How to delete saved chats Character AI?

To delete saved chats Character AI, visit website > Chats > Remove.

Why Is Character AI So Slow?

Character AI might respond slowly because of browser caches, slow networks, poor internet, system problems, or server maintenance.

Does Character AI track your messages?

The company team can read chats on because they’re not encrypted like WhatsApp.

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