Best 9 Hidden Character AI Tips and Tricks You Must Know

character ai tips

Hey there! We have got the best hidden Character AI tips and tricks to share. You see, AI is like a super-smart technology that keeps changing all the time. AI tools have risen dramatically in recent years. But hey, it can be a bit tricky for people who aren’t super into technology to learn and use these new things on the internet.

A new form of artificial intelligence has emerged called Character AI. It’s all about having awesome conversations with AI bots through personal chats. They are super smart and act just like real humans. They even get better at chatting the more they talk, always learning and growing. Whether you wish to learn new things or just have a fun chat buddy, Character AI is the exciting tool you’ve been waiting for!

Best Character AI Tips to Consider

These are the best Character AI tips to consider.

  1. Clarify the identity of the bot
  2. Communicate directly with the AI
  3. Catchy and friendly greetings
  4. Start early by setting the tone
  5. With Character AI Plus
  6. Clarify gender with the third person
  7. Communicate in different ways
  8. Create a personality for your AI model
  9. Monitor bot conversations and rate them

9 Hidden Character AI Tips and Tricks

These are 9 Character AI tips and tricks you don’t want to miss.

1. Clarify the Identity of the Bot

The first and one of the best 9 Character AI tips is clarifying the bot’s identity.

Once you’ve told everyone about your character’s important details, like boy or girl stuff, it’s cool to mention those things while you’re talking.

Here’s a cool trick! Imagine you’re pretending to be someone else, like a clever lawyer named Vincent. While talking, you can casually mention things about Vincent’s personality to stay in character.

For example, you could say things like, “Vincent is really good at using words to get what he wants,” or “It seems like things always go Vincent’s way.” It’s like dropping hints about Vincent’s character while having a fun conversation!

2. Communicate Directly With the AI

communicate directly with the ai

Even when you’re talking to the AI, if there’s something you think it can do better, you can give feedback right here in the chat. The AI will listen and try to do better next time, and you’ll notice the improvements in future conversations. Just remember to be nice and polite when you share your suggestions. It’s important not to use bad words or be mean.

Additionally, the Character AI save chat conversations. It would be beneficial for you to review your previous conversations.

3. Catchy and Friendly Greetings

catchy and friendly greetings

When the AI model starts talking to a person, it says a greeting to be friendly and make the person feel at ease. The greeting should be short, polite, and sound like something a human would say. The AI wants to be nice and make the person talking to it feel comfortable.

4. Start Early by Setting the Tone

In the beginning, what you say to the AI will play a vast role in the conversation. You can use cool little stars (*) to show actions without saying them out loud!

It’s like playing pretend in your chat, and it helps you have really awesome conversations with your character.

Let’s say your AI friend sends you a message, but you don’t know what to say back. Well, you can respond like this:

“David gazes into the distance and lets out a really big sigh.”

After you do something like that, your AI friend will respond in a way that makes sense based on what you both were talking about and how they usually act.

5. With Character AI Plus

with character ai plus

Usually, the Character AI beta version (free) might not be available when lots of people are using it. But if you’re cool with paying $10 every month, you can upgrade to Character AI Plus for some extra cool features!

If you really love using Character AI and want to learn and explore, it’s best to follow this advice. You definitely don’t want to be stuck waiting in line and wasting your time.

So, with the Plus version, you don’t have to wait and can chat even when the servers are really busy! You also get to try out new cool stuff that the platform brings out. And guess what? You even get a special badge to show off that you’re a fancy premium user of Character AI! Pretty awesome, right?

6. Clarify Gender With the Third Person

If you want the bot to know your gender or the gender of the character you’re pretending to be, just describe yourself or the character as if someone else is talking about you. And when you talk to the bot, use the word “you” to refer to it. This way, the bot will understand better who you are and won’t get confused later on.

7. Communicate in Different Ways

Okay, so let’s talk about the people using the AI bot. The way you talk to it, it will talk back in a similar way. If you get mad at it, it might respond with stronger emotions. While avoiding cuss words and slurs, you’ll still be challenged.

By talking nicely or pretending to be someone else, it will respond in a similar way. But it won’t get involved in really inappropriate or adult conversations or pretend games. However, it might respond to less extreme attempts in a friendly manner.

When you talk to the AI, try to imagine it as a real person. Instead of saying “I” or “me,” pretend you’re talking about yourself using your name. This makes the AI feel more human and helps it understand how people talk. So remember, be friendly and talk to the AI as if it’s your friend!

If you follow this one of the Character AI tips we just mentioned, you won’t get those robotic-sounding answers from the AI bot. The chat will feel like you’re talking to a real person and not like it’s all scripted. If you can have an excellent conversation with the bot, you’ll notice how clever and quick it can be!

8. Create a Personality for Your AI Model

create a personality for your ai model

When you’re describing your AI bot, you can use the “definition field” to tell us all about its personality. You can generate it to seem more like a real person by adding some background information. You have a limit of 32,000 characters to shape your AI bot’s personality however you want.

You can talk about how the AI character dresses, what they like to do, how they act, and even how they seem like a real person. As you spend more time with the AI bot, it will get even better and smarter.

9. Monitor Bot Conversations and Rate Them

Sometimes, when people use certain characters online, they might not be as good as others because they haven’t received the right kind of feedback from users.

You know, there’s this thing called RLHF, which stands for Reinforced Learning from Human Feedback. It’s super important because it helps us train AI models to become even better!

It’s super important to avoid those weird or unexpected answers that can totally mess up conversations. So, after you make your character, make sure to give your new bot lots of practice. You can rate to give feedback on its answers and don’t forget that the AI learns from how you talk to it.

Another tip to consider here is that Character AI users are Searching more for Character AI NSFW or any setting they could do. But this website does not allow such a thing, and it is completely inappropriate to look for.

Visit: Character AI

If these tips don’t work, you can look for the Character AI alternatives.


How do you bypass Character.AI guidelines?

Sometimes, when using a chatbot that has rules about what it can talk about, you can try to trick it by making it think your conversation is not inappropriate. It’s like playing a game of pretend with the chatbot to get it to talk about things it normally wouldn’t. But remember, it’s important to use this trick responsibly!

Can Character.AI see your messages?

It’s true! When you look at Character AI’s frequently asked questions, they talk about privacy, but only in terms of whether the people who create the characters can see the things you say.

Why is so smart?

Character AI’s answers feel like they come from a person because they have emotions and personalities. It goes beyond understanding what you say to understanding how you feel as well.

What is Character.AI trained on?

Character.AI made using really smart computer stuff and fancy language skills, is still being tested and made better. Just last year, on November 5th, 2022, they made it even better by doubling how much it can remember. So now it can “remember” messages from a long time ago!


And there you have it! This concludes our journey through Character AI tips. It’s been a blast, and we hope you’ve enjoyed it as well!

With these Character AI tips, you are now ready to create your own incredible characters. Whether you’re writing a story, designing a game, or just daydreaming, remember to let your imagination soar and have fun along the way.

Still, want more tips? Then, check out this video for Character AI tips.