12 Best AI Tools for Product Photography – 2024

best ai tools for product photography

AI has a huge impact on e-commerce. The best and cheapest way for brands to make product photos with best AI tools for product photography.

This post will showcase the 12 best AI tools for product photography you should check out.

What Is AI Product Photography?

Great photos = more online sales!

AI product photography is vital for online stores. It creates a strong brand image and boosts your product’s value in customers’ eyes.

AI product photography is tough without automation. It’s pricey, time-consuming, and demands serious photography skills.

Businesses use the best AI tools for product photography.

AI Product Photography examples

Here are some AI product photo examples.

ai product photography examples

Best AI Tools for Product Photography – 2024

Check out the best AI tools for product photography in 2024!

  1. Mockey – AI Tool for Product Photography
  2. Designify
  3. Photoroom
  4. Unbound
  5. Pebblely
  6. Pixelcut
  7. Stylized
  8. Booth AI
  9. Magic Studio
  10. Zeg AI
  11. AI Backdrop
  12. Ecomtent

1. Mockey – Best Overall

Mockey is one of the best AI tools for product photography

Mockey AI Product Photography is revolutionizing AI-assisted product photography with new features on the way. 

Though details are scarce during its “coming soon” phase, there’s plenty of buzz about its possibilities. 

It certifies users to craft perfect ad images by uploading photos, removing backgrounds with AI, generating new backgrounds, and fine-tuning lighting for maximum impact.

2. Designify

designify - ai tool for product photography

Designify is a top-notch one of the best AI tools for product photography. as it removes backgrounds and enhances your images, giving you the freedom to add logos and watermarks as needed.

You can also include shadows for extra effect. With Designify’s pro features, make great pictures to boost your brand and sales.

Designify is super handy for car dealerships. It enhances car photos, perfect for eye-catching ads and online shop content.

3. Photoroom

photoroom - ai tool for product photography

Photoroom makes photo editing easy and fast. Create stunning photos effortlessly. Perfect for Amazon or Etsy product images.

Ideal for boosting your brand on new social media platforms with its background remover and magic retouch features.

Quickly export your photos with Magic Resize. Get inspired with template suggestions.

4. Unbound

unbound - best ai tools for product photography

Unbound uses AI to make many great product photos from one. 

Upload clear product pics, say your ideal background, and then pick your favorite from AI choices. Use Unbound for product pics on social media, ads, or your site.

5. Pebblely

pebblely - free ai tool for product photography

Pebblely is a free AI tool for product photography that makes beautiful product photos in a snap.

With just one click, it creates 40 photos per month for Instagram or other places.

It offers 17 themes and is great for websites, social media, and emails. Perfect for small businesses, agencies, and designers!

6. Pixelcut

pixelcut - free ai tool for product photography

Pixelcut is another free AI tool for product photography making product photos look amazing in no time.

With various styles like Bloom, Christmas, Floral, and more, you can match your brand and campaign effortlessly.

Just upload your product picture, choose a style, and Pixelcut does the rest, even on your phone. Fast, easy, and stunning results are guaranteed!

7. Stylized

stylized - product photography ai tool

Stylized simplifies making great pictures. Get top-notch images in 30 seconds, and adjust shadows and lighting for an authentic feel.

Choose from various catalogs for great images, easily remove backgrounds, and customize as needed.

And it works well with graphic design experts. You can create great brand pictures with just a few clicks.

8. Booth AI

Booth AI is a great tool for creating professional product photos with easy prompts.

For example, say, “Take a photo of a woman in a black jacket in an office.”

Upload your product pictures, and Booth AI will quickly create high-quality brand photos in two easy steps.

9. Magic Studio

magic studio - best ai tools for product photography

Magic Studio is a great AI tool for product photography making awesome product photos quickly. You can create up to 40 photos for free!

This tool only works with PNG and JPEG files. It’s awesome for changing or deleting backgrounds in product photos, letting you tweak the photos and create new stories with each one.

You can make product pictures for social media, emails, and ads with Magic Studio, not just for your website.

10. Zeg AI

zeg ai - product photography ai tool

Need professional-looking images but tight on cash? Zeg AI has you covered. With this app, you can now make 3D product pictures affordably.

Just upload your image and get your 3D version within 48 hours. Plus, you can enhance images in 4k quality.

This app doesn’t leave a carbon footprint, so it’s eco-friendly. Paid plans begin at $200, which is cheaper than renting a studio. It’s a great tool for online sellers to promote products affordably and effectively.

11. AI Backdrop

AI Backdrop creates professional photos quickly and affordably, perfect for budget-friendly brand advertising.

This product photography AI tool creates realistic images and profile pictures, removes backgrounds, and offers customizable editing.

This is designed to focus on details like hair, fur and transparent objects, with options for gradients and custom images.

AI Backdrop’s interface is user-friendly and accessible to everyone, even those without tech skills. You can easily create profile pictures, marketing photos, and social media ads.

12. Ecomtent

ecomtent - ai tool for product photography

Ecomtent helps you create a complete eCommerce product listing, including images, optimized text, and infographics.

The tool quickly generates unlimited high-quality product photos with natural lighting, shadows, and reflections.

Top companies like Next AI, Olsam, and Domu Brands trust Ecomtent.

What Are Some Challenges in Traditional Product Photography?

Traditional eCommerce product photography faces many financial challenges, including:

  • Costly: Requires expensive equipment and professional cameras.
  • Time-consuming: Setting up products, adjusting camera and lighting, and taking multiple photos.
  • Inconsistent: Difficulty maintaining uniform lighting, angles, and quality.
  • Editing and retouching: Time-consuming process, and may result in unpolished images if done by amateurs.
  • Handling risks: Photographing large or fragile items poses challenges due to size, weight, and breakage risk.

Benefits of Using AI Product Photography

AI product photography simplifies tasks like editing, background removal, and 3D modeling, saving time and resources for businesses compared to traditional methods.

  • AI product photography automates editing, background removal, and 3D modeling tasks.
  • It overcomes traditional photography challenges.
  • Best AI tools for product photography improve product images, boosting sales and engagement.
  • Speeds up image creation for faster product launches.
  • Ensures consistent, high-quality images, enhancing brand trust.

How Does AI Product Photography Work?

AI product photography involves using AI to create, adjust, and improve pictures of products.

Best AI tools for product photography, such as Mockey.ai, can do lots of tasks automatically, like taking out backgrounds, fixing lighting, and making lifestyle pictures using AI Photoshoot.

How to Use Mockey AI Product Photography Generator?

Once Mockey launches AI product photography, Steps to Make AI Product Photos:

  1. Upload your product image.
  2. You can either pick prompts from the library or make your own. Describe what you want from the AI Photoshoot in these prompts.
  3. Get high-quality product images made by AI instantly. Download them and use them on your online store, social media, ads, or anywhere you like!

Pick the Best AI Product Photography Generator

AI solutions save businesses money, time, and work by doing repetitive tasks that would otherwise need lots of people and money.

Businesses are using the best AI tools for product photography to avoid hiring professional photographers, buying bulky cameras, and spending lots of time on product photo shoots for campaigns.

With AI product photography generators, you can quickly create lots of professional and stunning product photos, even if you’re not a professional photographer. 

You won’t need to spend a lot of money or hire anyone, making the whole process much faster.


Can you use AI for product photography?

With tools like Mockey AI, you can create professional and eye-catching product images without needing a giant budget or studio. AI-generated backgrounds help you make engaging and polished images.

Which AI tool is best for photo editing?

The best AI photo editors are Adobe Photoshop, which offers a full-featured photo editing and design app; Luminar Neo, an AI-powered photo editor; Canva, an AI-powered design app; Pixlr, an easy-to-use online AI editor; and Lensa, a mobile AI photo editor.

What is the AI app to edit product photos?

Mockey’s AI Product Photography helps you create product photos in various styles.

What AI are photographers using?

Some exciting AI photography software is Luminar Neo and Adobe Firefly. Adobe Firefly uses machine learning to help create and customize artwork. It can generate different art styles and make artwork creation and editing easier.

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