Is NovelAI Down Right Now? Current Updates

is novelai down

Here are some current updates about the query: Is NovelAI down right now? Also, find some valuable tips for solving issues with NovelAI.

Is NovelAI Down

The popular platform NovelAI, which uses AI to make exciting stories, has been having problems with its servers recently. These issues have made it hard for people to use the platform, and it hasn’t been working as well as usual.

Lots of people have said they’re having trouble with problems like logging in, stories not showing up, text not working right, and pictures not showing. Some folks have also been upset because they lost the game progress they saved because the server is having problems.

The NovelAI team said sorry for the problems with the server, and they knew it was frustrating for the users. They also said they’re doing their best to fix the issue quickly and get the platform working normally again. They’ve also given some news on their official Twitter page and their subreddit.

What are the Websites to Check Is NovelAI Down or Not

In order to check is NovelAI down or not, you can go to the following websites:


When you type “” and press the “Check now” option, will check if “” is working or not. Simply input the website address, and their website checker generator will instantly test the current status of for you.

2. Down for Everyone or Just Me

Down for Everyone or Just Me tool checks if is working properly by testing it from their servers. You connect to a site using your browser, such as Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. They check this server from a nearby point that’s part of a network available in 285+ cities and in over 100 countries. Next, they examine the status code of the server to determine whether NovelAI is down or not.

3. Is It Down or Just Me

They attempted to visit the site using the servers, and it appears that everything is working well for them. If you can’t access, go to the Is It Down or Just Me website troubleshooting area to find help in figuring out and fixing the issue.

How to Calculate if a Server Is Down

If shows an HTTP status code like 404 (which means “not found”) or any code starting with 4xx or 5xx, we consider it as being down or not working.

When to Consider a Server “Up” or “Accessible”

We consider a site as working fine when it gives back an HTTP code from the 200s or 300s. For example, Sites that return 200 HTTP codes are considered up.

Error Types

There are many reasons why a website might not be working. Unlike some other websites that check if a site is down, we both try to see if it responds and if it loads properly.

  • Ping failed: There could be a network error happening, but it’s not for sure.
  • When the HTTP status is higher than 400, it means the server couldn’t fulfill the request properly.
  • Ping didn’t work, but we got a good response from the website, which means the site can be reached. The server settings are causing the ping to fail.
  • The ping went through fine, but we didn’t get a proper HTTP status response. It’s not a network issue; there might be a problem with the application itself.
  • At times, our requests might not work perfectly, or they take too long to respond. In these situations, we can’t be completely certain if a website is NovelAI down or not.

Troubleshooting Tips

troubleshooting tips for novelai down
  1. Make sure to look at the web address for carefully. Sometimes, a mistake in typing it can happen.
  2. Is on http or https? These are different, and not all websites support both.
  3. Check if the internet is performing properly by going to popular websites such as and
  4. Do you use a proxy or VPN? Please switch them off and give it another try.
  5. If you own the website, make sure to look at the DNS settings. Then, reach out to the hosting provider to see if your server is okay.

Note: Look for the best web hosting providers.

Best Web Hosting Providers

web hosting provider for novelai down

These are some hosting companies that are trustworthy.

  1. Bluehost: It is a popular web hosting company that is good at helping customers and works well with WordPress.
  2. HostGator: It offers different hosting options and has good reliability.
  3. SiteGround: SiteGround is a good company that helps you host your WordPress website and has servers in different parts of the world. They are also known for being helpful to their customers.
  4. A2 Hosting: A lot of people like A2 Hosting because their website loads really fast and doesn’t have many problems.
  5. InMotion Hosting: InMotion Hosting is a company that provides different types of hosting services and has helpful customer service.

Make sure to check performance benchmarks and read recent reviews to make sure the hosting company is still reliable and performs well.

Why to Rely on NovelAI

Many people really enjoy using NovelAI because it’s really good at making AI images. It’s simple to operate, and it comes with some special features like a NovelAI gift key that you won’t find everywhere else.

Get creative with NovelAI prompts to make some really amazing images that no one else has made before!

You can use NovelAI without any worries because it’s very safe and won’t cause any harm.

If you’re still searching for websites similar to NovelAI, you can explore NovelAI alternatives.


In conclusion, we’ve thoroughly discussed the question “Is NovelAI down?” and provided all the information you need to know about it.

You can discover helpful advice on how to solve problems, and you can find information about certain companies that provide web hosting services.

Thank you for reading this topic, “Is NovelAI Down?” and do check the status of NovelAI from these websites.

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