How to Make Money With AI: Earn $200 – $300/Day Guaranteed

how to make money with ai

AI automation is breaking the Internet.

Learn how to make money using AI, even as a beginner, with just a few clicks.

We’ve discovered from trying dozens of online businesses over the past 10 years and at the end we’ll reveal a new and untapped AI side hustle that can make you over $300 per day but it won’t be this easy for much longer so you must take action.

Everyone on the search engine is lying to you about making money with AI.

There are hundreds of blogs about how to make money with AI and so many other things which are utter bull.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best way to make money with AI Tools.

Can You Make Money Without Doing Any Work?

In reality, there’s a huge misconception out there that AI tools can replace all of your work.

You can just sip your coffee while you’re sitting on a beach and AI tools will create passive income for you which is a complete lie.

Honestly speaking AI is in the very next stage right now and thinking of replacing you completely is just not practical.

10 Top Ways to Make Money With AI in 2024

  1. Create Content Conversion using AI
  2. With YouTube Automation
  3. Create Shorts Automation
  4. Develop AI-powered Products
  5. AI-focused Investments
  6. Use AI Art to Make Money
  7. Freelance with AI Writing
  8. Business Chatbots with AI
  9. Create AI Coding Tools
  10. Affiliate Marketing with AI

1. Content Conversion

This is a newer way to make money with AI that you might not be familiar with so let’s explain.

It has two parts. Part one compares long and short videos.

Part 1: Long-form versus Short-form

YouTube has around 800 million mostly long-form videos, while the world is switching over to short form thanks to TikTok.

Smart folks are already seizing a golden opportunity: there are channels solely focused on turning great long content into short ones.

This channel posts short videos of Robert Kosaki discussing finance, and they’ve gotten 94 million views.

use robert kosaki short video to make money with ai

Shorts do have much lower RPMs than regular long-form YouTube videos and RPM is just the amount of money you make per 1,000 views even with a low RPM of 10 cents.

Generating profits is effortless with the AI tool. You can create shorts with just a few clicks.

There’s also this channel that uploads podcast clips and they got 134 million views. So that’s $11,500 in Profit just from one channel.

134 million views on short clip channel

This channel uploads clips of Jordan Peterson talking and they got 192 million views. so that’s $188,000 in Profit just from one channel.

192 million views on short clip channel

While this way to make money with AI isn’t nearly as lucrative as the others.

It’s certainly one of the quickest and easiest and with AI it would take literally hours to sift through all these videos and find the best content.

Then it takes a few more hours to add captions transitions effects to make the clips more engaging.

So it wouldn’t be worth doing.

Now, thanks to AI, you can do it 10 times faster, run multiple channels, and make more money.

You can increase your income even more. First, here’s how to easily make Clips like these.

Step-by-step Guide to Use Opus Clip AI Tool

  • First, go to YouTube and search for long-form videos of a popular person talking. For example Robert Kosaki’s interview. Find a recent video that doesn’t have any background music or edits.
  • Copy the link and then go to a site called Opus Clip.
click on get free clips in opus clip on how to make money with ai
paste the link and click on get free clips | how to make money with ai
  • One-click and it will automatically create dozens of clips for you and these aren’t just random Clips.
  • Their AI will create Clips with high viral potential, for example, this clip has a viral score of 99 out of 100 and they also automatically add captions to make the clips much more engaging.

That’s just part one though. Now we’ll move to part two which is all about language.

Part 2: Language Based Content

Most channels make content in just one language, so only people who understand that language can watch. 

Translating videos manually is costly and usually not worth it for many channels. 

Now, with this AI tool, you can translate whole videos in just a few clicks.

Step-by-step Guide to Use ElevenLabs AI Tool

  • Again we’ll go to YouTube and we’ll find a long-form video in English. 
  • We’ll copy the link then we’ll go to Eleven Labs. 
  • Click on dubbing.
click dubbing option in elevenlabs
click dubbing option | how to make money with ai
  • Click the YouTube option in “Select a source” and paste in the link.
select youtube as your source in elevenlabs
select youtube as your source | how to make money with ai
  • For the target language, we’ll pick English and we’ll click create and it will automatically turn the entire video into an English video. 
choose english language is your target language
click english for target language | how to make money with ai

For a free plan, you can check free ElevenLabs alternatives for a similar experience.

Before going over the next way to make money with AI, we’ll quickly highlight the two approaches to content conversion. 

There is the black hat method where you take people’s content without their permission. Then there’s the white hat method where you reach out to content creators and you partner with them. 

A black hat is easier, but a white hat earns more and lasts longer.

2. YouTube Automation

You’ve probably heard of YouTube automation before.

Although it’s not as profitable as the other method on how to make money with AI, we will discuss it later.

Some people are still printing money with it.

This channel makes long videos about interesting stories without ever showing their face. They just use pictures or stock footage for the visuals.

scary interesting youtube channel

Despite that, they’re getting over 6 million views a month. Their longer videos mean they make more money per view. They’re likely earning about $30,000 monthly.

With the AI tool, we’ll show you in just a little while you can make very similar videos in just a few clicks.

There’s also this channel that makes really simple travel videos and they’re getting over 3 million views a month. So they’re probably making $115,000 a month.

touropia youtube channel

Making videos like these usually takes days. You’d have to research, write the script, record the voice-over, find visuals and then edit it all together.

Good news! There’s an amazing AI tool that does everything for you, kind of.

What do you mean by that AI tools are not the best at creating scripts completely from scratch?

It can sound unnatural and it’s normally pretty obvious that a nonhuman entity wrote it. 

Speaking from experience, the script will make or break your video.

So here’s what you do to find a successful channel that makes videos without showing their face. It’s better if the video mainly focuses on the audio, not the visuals.

Step-by-step Guide to Use DOWNSUB and Claude AI Tool

  • Find one of their most viral videos
  • Copy the link
  • Go to DOWNSUB, paste the link, and click download
go to downsub, paste the link, and click download - how to make money with ai
  • Then download the transcript in txt format in English.
download the transcript in txt format in english - how to make money with ai
  • Go to Claude.
  • Then give a prompt for YouTube videos: “Creating hypothetical scenarios. Make them thought-provoking and attention-grabbing. Check out this list of successful topics in this niche to learn from.”
type your prompt in claude
  • Then give it five or so titles of the Channel’s most viral videos. 
  • After that, generate a few ideas. You can pick your favorite one.
  • Then prompt: Look at the image below.
once again write this prompt in claude
  • Then copy it and go to “InVideo AI”
  • Under workflows, choose “Script to Video”.
click script to video in invideo workflows
  • Choose “YouTube Video” 
select youtube to video in invideo
  • Paste in your script
  • Then choose your background music.
  • Choose your voice.
  • Click continue.
  • Click Generate a video.
  • Then choose your audience.
  • Choose your look and feel and also the platform.
  • Click continue to have the video created automatically. 
  • Then once it’s done, you can give it more commands to make some changes if you want. We’ll say change the first clip to a self-driving car. It’ll do it for us automatically.

So now that it’s much easier to create videos you can rank out multiple videos a day to start making the big bucks ASAP.

You can also look for other InVideo alternative free tools.

3. Shorts Automation

As we mentioned earlier, Shorts are great because they’re much easier to create.

For instance, this channel makes videos about life lessons and stories with morals. These are 100% original but they didn’t record anything themselves or show their face and they go viral daily.

living wisdom youtube channel

They got 159 million views last month alone. Even with a low RPM of 10 that’s $166,000 in profit in only 1 month.

With the AI tool, we’ll show you you can create original and viral shorts like these in just a few clicks.

There’s also this channel that makes shorts about scary stories and they’re also printing money.

scary interesting youtube channel

When it comes to making these again, the script is crucial so you’d want to use Claude to generate ideas and scripts or use this slightly different strategy.

  • Find a popular channel with lots of viral shorts but weak visuals. 
  • Visit one of their popular short videos and get the link again. 
  • Download the transcript using DOWNSUB. 
  • Copy and go to Claude and give it this prompt.
  • Use a different but equally thought-provoking and intriguing hook. and paste it into your script. It’ll make a new script that’s still worth sharing widely. 
  • You can copy this. 

Then when it comes to making the visuals this used to be the hard part. You’d need to search everywhere for good videos and pics or make lots using AI. Then generate a voiceover using AI. Then edit it all together adding in transitions effects and captions even for just a 60-second video. This would take multiple hours. so you likely give up before you see major success.

Luckily, there’s an automated method for the same outcome.

  • Go to ShortX.
  • Head to the “Automation library > historical shorts V1.” 
  • Choose to paste your own transcript and paste it in the script you got from Claude.

Ensure the video is less than 1 minute long.

  • Then click on the “AI image”.
  • Keep the image style set to “pre-made and cinematic”. 
  • Then change this to 2.

So there’s a new image every 2 seconds. This will keep the viewer engaged in increased average watch time which will help your short get more views and revenue. Then for AI voice, we recommend choosing one from ElevenLabs.

  • Then for the video editing recipe, we recommend changing the font to “Montserrat”, the Lines per caption to “2”, and “the font size to around “100 “.
  • Head to “effects” and adjust “Max random rotation degree” to about “15” and set “popping color behind text” to “bright green”.

So now the captions are really attention-grabbing and engaging.

  • Click “Launch Automation” to let AI create the whole video for you automatically. 

After it’s made, it’ll give you a score out of 100 for how viral it could be. It gives you a special description and top hashtags, then you can save them all as a template.

Your future videos will be super quick to make.

This way you can pump out viral shorts without doing much work at all and because it’s so easy you can run multiple channels to multiply your income.

4. Develop AI-powered Products

Creating and selling AI-based products is a smart move due to their popularity, but it’s a tough and time-consuming process.

You don’t need to make your own ML programs. Just try using a ready-made API instead.

You can use lots of APIs to build your product, like:

  • OpenAI API: It offers large models for text, image creation, and translation.
openai api
  • AWS: This AI provides similar services, including speech and vision recognition.
  • Google Cloud: It offers machine learning tools for smart apps, like language processing and image recognition.
google cloud

5. AI-focused Investments

Investing in AI businesses is a way to support the growing field. Many startups require funding to thrive as AI becomes more popular.

AI tech is growing, bringing good returns for investors over time. It also spreads risk, offering diversification benefits.

Investing in AI businesses is tricky and needs a good grasp of the market.

Tip: Before investing in AI, do your research. Just because something has AI doesn’t guarantee profits.

6. Use AI Art to Make Money

How to make money with AI art?

Check out the cool and profitable world of AI art! We’ve been totally into it lately.

The reason for this is because we met people in real life. We saw them, we saw with our own eyes that they were making really good money and they didn’t have that good artistic skill.

We’re going to be talking about how to make money with AI art. 

So first of all what is AI art?

Well without getting too nerdy, you’re basically going to be using AI, ML, and neural networks to generate or assist in generating visual artwork. 

We’ve got a feeling that, in the next few years this is going to turn into one of those massive things like Amazon FBA or Blinkstore.

AI art recently sold for $430,000, but it’s not a typical money-making method.

This was at a big art show in New York. It demonstrates AI art’s potential and possibility.

Let’s discuss how to make money with AI art in a quick step-by-step guide.

Step-by-step Guide to Make Money with AI Art

midjourney ai
  • The second step is going to be to create unique artwork. We’re just going to assume that you’re using Midjourney and the best way to do this is to heavily experiment with different Midjourney prompts.
  • Thirdly, creating an online store is key to making money online.
online storefront

A good start for beginners is selling on Etsy. You can display and sell your prints to lots of people online.

  • Number four and this is very important: You want to use a Print-On-Demand site. A great one that we’ve been experimenting with and we’ve been using is Printful.

Basically what this is going to do for you is whenever somebody orders your piece of AI artwork, let’s say you’re making a t-shirt for instance. They’ll print and send it automatically. 

So by doing this they basically just took care of like 80% of the work for you.

Once you’ve connected Printful to your Etsy or Shopify store, it’s time for step five.

  • Promoting your art. Use social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok to showcase your work.
promote your ai art on social media to make money with ai
promote your ai art on social media | how to make money with ai
  • Step six is optional but beneficial: Attend online marketplaces and art fairs to network and learn from other artists. Sites like Artsy or SuperRare let you display and sell your AI art.
  • Consider step seven, collaborating and licensing your art. Explore partnerships with brands or businesses, like creating artwork for video games or licensing your art for commercial use.

7. Freelance with AI Writing

The next way to make money with AI will be blogging.

So blogging is kind of a tried and true method of making money online. 

There are many different ways of making money with blogging as well and basically what you’re doing is you’re going to be writing articles and typically these are going to be SEO-optimized articles.

For about 15 to 20 years, this has been a great way to make money, and honestly, it’s still really good.

You can earn money in many ways from this. You could start your blog. 

For instance, you could also work as a freelance writer. On other people’s blogs, there are also different websites such as Medium where you write a really good article.

medium writing
medium writing | how to make money with ai

A guy started a blog 3 years ago and now he makes over 300K every month.

earning $300k per month with medium
earning $300k per month with medium | how to make money with ai

Note: Google is saying that they’re cracking down on AI-generated content. 

During our conversations with many SEO professionals, it seems that they have not yet made significant progress in this area.

So many people have just made tons of SEO AI-generated content and they’ve been making tons of money from it and they haven’t gotten any repercussions from Google.

We think at the end of the day Google only cares if your content is good.

Using AI for writing can be really profitable. 

Some folks on Reddit shared their success stories. One guy made $3,000 last month with AI-written content, starting from scratch. 

reddit user earned $3000 per month using ai content
reddit user earned $3000 per month using ai content | how to make money with ai

And there’s this person who boosted their blog income from $200 to $4,000 a month in just 5 months using Jasper AI.

earning $200 - $400 dollar using ai content
earning $200 – $400 dollar using ai content | how to make money with ai

People even use AI to translate and post thousands of articles in different languages for profit. There are endless ways to make money with AI in blogging. 

Your imagination is the limit! We’d rate this opportunity 9.5 out of 10.

8. Business Chatbots with AI

Customer assistance is super important for businesses focused on people. However, handling tons of customer questions takes time. AI chatbots can step in and handle the simple stuff.

AI chatbots on websites work all day, every day, to help customers quickly. They answer questions, solve problems, and even make sales, so businesses can focus on tough cases.

Providing customer support with AI is a lucrative chance. Businesses need it but often don’t get it.

If you’re new to coding or okay with learning about AI chatbots, you can focus on setting up and customizing chatbots for different platforms. You’ll gather info, train the chatbot, and make sure it works well for your clients.

Look at this table for the best AI chatbot solutions that you can start for free.

Best AI ChatbotPricing
BotsonicFree planPaid plan: $20/month
TidioFree planPaid plan: $39/month
ChatbaseFree planPaid plan: $19/month

9. Create AI Coding Tools

Another way to make money with AI is with AI coding.

Creating a SaaS product means thinking of an idea, making a plan, writing a code, checking it, and then putting it out there. It might take a long time, depending on how tricky it is.

Use Copilot

AI code like Copilot makes coding faster. They give suggestions, do repetitive assignments, and help debug. You can write a comment, Copilot writes code for you.

github copilot on how to make money with ai
github copilot | how to make money with ai

This means making your product quickly with fewer mistakes. Start with a basic version (MVP) and sell it quickly to those who need it. Start simple to use AI effectively. Complex projects make AI harder to use.

Build Apps without Code

Bubble is a platform for making apps easily without much coding. You can use the ChatGPT chatbot to get help and advice for technical stuff.

bubble app

Building apps can help you learn and you can make money if people like your app and subscribe to it. Developing products can be a good way to earn money, especially because many people want specialized software.

Freelance Coding

If you are a freelancer coder, you get to pick what tech tools you use and what kinds of projects you work on. 

For instance, you could specialize in making React AI tools for small businesses that want to gather customer reviews on their websites. After a few gigs, you’ll get really good at it. 

You might turn your work into a plugin that makes it super simple for the clients to use on their sites.

Look at this table for the best AI coding assistants.

AI Coding AppsPricing
GitHub Copilot$19/user/month
BubbleFree planPaid plan: $32/month

10. Affiliate Marketing with AI

Affiliate marketing is a common way to earn money by promoting products from others. 

It’s tough to stand out in the competitive field of blogging, but using AI can give you an edge in helping people choose what to buy.

AI can assist in finding great outcomes to promote, creating videos and emails, and internal links for affiliate marketing. 

All you need is an AI writing tool and an affiliate site. Tools like WordPress offer plenty of plugins to help your affiliate business.

Your task is to write top-notch reviews in a specific field, showcasing useful products to your readers. 

Building your audience and improving your search engine visibility will take time, but it’s achievable, especially in certain areas. Considering your interest in AI, starting with AI chatbots could be smart.

Affiliate marketing is a great side hustle, but it takes time to build up content and traffic. Once you’ve put in the effort, a niche affiliate website can become really profitable.

Look at this table for the best AI tools for affiliate marketing.

AI Tools for Affiliate MarketingPricing
ThirstyAffiliatesFree planPaid plan: $249/year
Internal Link JuicerFree planPaid plan: $69.99/yr
Post Affiliate Pro$139/month

Is There Any Risk to Make Money With AI?

Here are risks to watch for, since it’s still new to many.

  1. Ethics
  2. Laws
  3. Privacy
  4. Competition
  5. Security

Key Takeaways on How to Make Money with AI

  • AI can make you $200 – $300 daily online. 
  • It helps in affiliate marketing, freelancing and in businesses. With AI tools, you can earn more and succeed financially.
  • Sqribble, an AI ebook software, gives personalized tips to boost income.
  • Whether you’re new or experienced, AI can change how to make money with AI.

Tips on Making Money With AI

There are the top four tips when making money with AI.

  • Focus AI on specific tasks for optimal performance. 
  • Don’t expect tools alone to bring profit; expertise is key. 
  • The real money lies in challenging tasks, not shortcuts. 
  • Offer value with AI to improve businesses, and you’ll be rewarded fairly. That’s how AI profits work.

What Will You Do to Make Money With AI?

AI is used in writing, art, coding, and marketing to work better and make more valuable stuff. 

Knowing how to earn money with AI could be a big plus in your career and life. 

Remember, AI works best when people use it alongside their skills to improve and achieve more.

However, we have covered 10 best ways on how to make money with AI.


Can I use AI to make money?

Lots of businesses like finance, retail, and healthcare can use AI and machine learning to help them. If you know a lot about this tech, offering to help companies use AI could be a smart way to earn money.

How to use AI for passive income?

AI can boost your ad earnings by creating catchy ads and targeting the right audience for more clicks or new customers.

How to use Open AI to earn money?

You can earn money with OpenAI’s GPT Store by making and selling apps, services, or AI content that use GPT models. OpenAI might offer a forum for developers to sell their work.

How to use ChatGPT to make money?

Here are the best ways to make money with ChatGPT:

Get business ideas.
Freelance work.
Start a blog.
Try email marketing.
Create videos.
Write and publish e-books.
Do affiliate marketing.
Write product descriptions for companies.
Use social media for income.