16 Best FakeYou Alternatives You Must Try in 2024

FakeYou Alternative

FakeYou is an amazing text-to-speech solution, but are there any other options available? Check out the 16 best text-to-speech FakeYou alternatives.


FakeYou got its start because of an excellent feature that allows you to use the voice of a famous person or a fictional character to say what you want to say.

While FakeYou’s amazing voice option allows you to create engaging voiceovers, with a FakeYou alternative, you can use voices in different languages, accents, ages, and gender ranges.

What Is FakeYou?

what is fakeyou

FakeYou is a free text-to-speech AI platform that allows users to create AI-based Deepfakes online. It generates genuine voices that can be easily identified in famous cultures using machine learning.

FakeYou provides more than 2,000 voice clone options that can be used to imitate from Elsa to Donald Trump, to the Hulk, to your favorite actors and characters from TV shows to films.

Why Look for FakeYou Alternatives?

There are 5 major reasons why FakeYou is not the top AI voice software out there. We’re going to list the main downsides of FakeYou below to show why users are looking for FakeYou alternatives.

  • FakeYou Is Not Free: The base “Plus” plan costs $7 per month. This plan only allows you to lip-synch your video to audio for one minute, and four minutes for voice cloning.
  • No Recording Option: Audio cannot be uploaded to the cloud; only its TTS (Text-to-Speech) service can be used.
  • Processing Pace Requires an Internet Connection: If you have an unreliable Internet connection, the project may take longer to process.
  • Limited customization options: However, the AI software does not allow users to tailor their projects. There are no tools to control speech online, such as tone, audio quality, or to emphasize specific words.
  • Unrealistic voice options: However, it does allow you to clone the characters you want, but not real voices.

What to Expect in a FakeYou Alternative?

Look at the features that you can expect in FakeYou alternative free and paid tools.

  • Free Trial
  • Better voice cloning
  • Text-to-speech API
  • Multiple formats to import
  • Voice changer
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Focusing on specific words
  • More customization

List of Best FakeYou Alternatives in 2024

Here is a list of the 16 best FakeYou alternative text-to-speech generators.

  1. ElevenLabs
  2. Uberduck AI
  3. Speechify
  4. Voicify
  5. WellSaid Labs
  6. Narakeet
  7. Lovo AI
  8. Zao
  9. PlayHT
  10. Amazon Polly
  11. TextAloud
  12. TTS Reader
  13. SwiftTalker
  14. Fliki
  15. Listnr
  16. Resemble

16 Best FakeYou Alternative Free and Paid Tools: Rank Wise

Let’s discuss the 16 best FakeYou alternatives to look for in 2024 rank-wise.

#1. ElevenLabs

elevenlabs - fakeyou alternative

With ElevenLabs, you can immediately change text into speech naturally online, free of charge, in various languages using the best quality voice generator available on the internet.

ElevenLabs Best Features

  • 10,000 characters/month (free plan)
  • High-quality and realistic AI voices
  • 29 languages
  • Instant results
  • Dubbing Studio

ElevenLabs Pricing

  • Free

Even ElevenLabs competitors can not match their functionality.

#2. Uberduck AI

uberduck ai - fakeyou alternative

Uberduck AI, also known as Uberduck Voice Cloning, is a voice cloning and text-to-speech platform that uses AI to create speech voices with human-like characteristics. Uberduck AI is one of the top FakeYou alternative tools.

Uberduck AI Best Features

  • Discord experience
  • Rap song
  • Simple UI

Uberduck AI Pricing

  • Free

#3. Speechify

speechify - fakeyou alternative

Speechify, the world’s most advanced speech-to-text (T2T) platform, enables you to translate written content into text in real-time, so you can take your audio libraries wherever you go.

Speechify Best Features

  • 30+ Celebrity AI voice, over 15 languages
  • 60,000 audiobooks
  • Mobile and desktop-friendly
  • Natural human voices
  • Audio files can be downloaded for free

Speechify Pricing

  • Free

For more similar or better tools like Speechify, you can look for Speechify alternatives.

#4 Voicify AI

voicify - fakeyou alternative

Voicify AI, also known as FakeYou alternative, is an AI-powered music cover software, text-to-speech, and vocal toolkit online platform. You can even look for Voicify AI alternatives for tools like Voicify as well as FakeYou.

Voicify AI Best Features

  • Voice model library
  • Generate custom models

Voicify AI Pricing

  • $2.99/month

#5. WellSaid Labs

wellsaid labs - fakeyou alternative

WellSaid Labs, a FakeYou free alternative, can create a voice clone and build a text-to-speech voice character for your company. You can use this AI text-to-speech software across your entire organization instead of cloning the voice recording using WellSaid Labs software.

WellSaid Labs Best Features

  • Realistic AI voices
  • High-quality output
  • Easy navigation
  • Custom pronunciations
  • Focusing on specific words
  • API
  • Collaboration

WellSaid Labs Pricing

  • Free

#6. Narakeet

narakeet - fakeyou alternative

With Narakeet, you don’t have to worry about traditional voice edits, recordings, and syncing. Transform presentations from Google Slides or PowerPoint into AI videos with voiceovers.

Whether you’re a content creator, an educator, a marketer, or a business looking to improve your multimedia content creation, you’re likely to find a variety of users who are looking for TTS solutions for video/audio projects.

Narakeet Best Features

  • API
  • 600+ AI voices and 90+ languages
  • Combines text-to-speech technology with the ability to create videos.

Narakeet Pricing

  • $6/30 minutes

#7. Lovo AI

lovo ai - fakeyou alternative

Whether you’re a content creator, a business owner, an educator, or an entrepreneur, LOVO AI has a solution for you. LOVO AI provides authentic human voices via AI and boasts the world’s largest voice library.

Lovo AI Best Features

  • 400 AI voices
  • Video export
  • 100 languages
  • Realistic result
  • Emotion feature included

Lovo AI Pricing

  • Free (20 minutes with 1GB storage)

#8. Zao

Zao isn’t speech-to-speech, it’s face-to-face—we know how confusing that sounds. With the Zao app, you can insert your face into a video to make it seem like you were there for the occasion.

Sometimes, it can be emotional (inserting a loved one’s face in family photos after they passed away) or playful (inserting a friend’s face into footage on Netflix). Zao isn’t an app for voice changers, it’s great for Deepfakes.

Zao Best Features

  • Excellent AI for Deepfake

Zao Pricing

  • Visit Zao app for details

#9. PlayHT

playht - fakeyou alternative

PlayHT has 907+ AI voices with support for over 142 languages. It can be used for commercial and personal purposes. It can also fine-tune your voice tone with voice inflection and personalize your speech pronunciations.

PlayHT also provides podcast hosting options. You can publish your podcasts to popular podcasting services such as Google Podcasts, Spotify, and iTunes.

PlayHT Best Features

  • 907 voices + 142 languages
  • Multi-voice feature
  • Team collaboration
  • Excellent quality

PlayHT Pricing

  • $19/month

#10. Amazon Polly

amazon polly - fakeyou alternative

Amazon Polly got over 5 million characters for the first 12 months for free. It’s a speech paradise. You can write text-to-speech with Amazon Polly and use simple API operations to create real-time speech.

Amazon Polly Best Features

  • Brand voice
  • Customization
  • API
  • Speech controls
  • Top-notch voices
  • Integrations

Amazon Polly Pricing

  • Free (up to 5 million characters)

#11. TextAloud

TextAloud is an open-source FakeYou alternative text-to-speech (TTS) app that allows you to translate online text into speech. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use text-to-speech (TTS) app that provides a natural, easy-to-understand voice, TextAloud could be the perfect solution for you. 

You can use TextAloud to listen to web pages, articles, and other types of facts that you would like to hear in audio format.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a person with learning disabilities that make it difficult to read aloud, TextAloud was created for people who want to hear what’s going on around them instead of having to listen to it in text form.

In addition, many people use this alternative as a proofreader. Hearing written content aloud can lead writers to make grammatical mistakes that are more difficult to spot when reading on a piece of paper.

TextAloud Best Features

  • Simple natural voices
  • User-friendly app
  • Proofreading tool

TextAloud Pricing

  • $34.95 (one-time fee)

#12. TTS Reader

ttsreader - fakeyou alternative

In addition to recording the AI-generated speech, TTSreader is an AI-powered web-based tool that instantly converts text into speech without any sign-in. TTSreader works offline, so it’s perfect for mobile use.

TTS Reader Best Features

  • Ebooks-to-audiobooks
  • Create audio files using text
  • Great interface
  • Pronunciation corrections
  • Multilingual abilities 

TTS Reader Pricing

  • $2/month

#13. SwiftTalker

As a business-focused text-to-voice solution, SwiftTalker can help you deliver fast, convenient service to your customers. SwiftTalker is a suitable AI tool for small and large businesses alike, and it can also be used on a more personal level.

SwiftTalker has the same delightful voice options as FakeYou (like robot and alien voices).

SwiftTalker is available for download on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Please note that, due to licensing restrictions, you cannot use the personal SwiftTalker application for business purposes, so make sure to pay for the business version if you need to.

SwiftTalker Best Features

  • Convenient service
  • Fun voice feature

SwiftTalker Pricing

  • Visit SwiftTalker website for details

#14. Fliki

fliki - fakeyou alternative

Fliki is a text-to-video (TTY) conversion tool that uses machine learning and AI to convert your text into high-quality audio.

There are more than 1900 voices in the tool, each with its own demo to support you choose the right one.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to build fascinating content for your social channels, a content creator looking to streamline video production, or someone in between, this FakeYou alternative is ideal for video and audio creators looking to create and share content.

Fliki Best Features

  • 1900 voices + 75 languages
  • Accurate voice cloning
  • Translations
  • Text-to-video abilities
  • Simple interface
  • Fast Customer Support

Fliki Pricing

  • Free

#15. Listnr

listnr - fakeyou alternative

Listnr is a TTS platform powered by AI. It offers high-quality voice results in more than 75 languages and over 600 human-like voice samples. Listnr has a built-in editor that allows you to add pauses and change pronunciations.

Listnr allows you to create a standalone audio player that you can embed on your website. When it comes to the FakeYou alternative, this is a great feature if you’re looking to create and manage your own podcast.

Listnr Best Features

  • Podcast hosting
  • API
  • Text-to-speech editor

Listnr Pricing

  • $19/month

#16. Resemble

Resemble AI allows you to create customised brand voices for your virtual assistants. It works on a subscription-based model for voice profiles created on the forum.

That’s why it’s one of the most versatile and affordable ways to create text-based speech. Whether you’re building a podcast, an audiobook, or any other audio-based content creation platform, you’ll be able to get the job done with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Resemble Best Features

  • API
  • Emotion feature
  • Mobile deployment

Resemble Pricing

  • $0.006/second


FakeYou alternatives also store your location in audio files (such as.mp3 or.wav), so you don’t have to worry about finding your location when you change devices or start listening again after a break.

These apps support PDF, email, web pages, word documents, and more!

These alternatives are user-friendly but there are plenty of tutorials to get you acclimated. These are great alternatives to fake voiceovers.


What is similar to FakeYou?

ElevenLabs, Uberduck AI, Speechify, Voicify, and WellSaid Labs are similar to FakeYou text-to-speech generators.

What software mimics voice?

Narakeet, Lovo AI, Zao, PlayHT, and Amazon Polly software are best at mimicking voice.

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