Is Microsoft Copilot Free? A Quick Guide to Copilot Pricing

is microsoft copilot free

Is Microsoft Copilot free or paid? When announced in March 2023, Microsoft didn’t disclose its cost. It was introduced in test mode, sparking excitement about its potential value.

Some businesses hoped to use Microsoft’s advanced LLM features at no cost. But only some aspects of Copilot are free; most require payment. Building such a powerful AI assistant is expensive.

To use Copilot, you’ll need to pay. Here’s a simple guide to understand its pricing.

Is Microsoft Copilot Free? Copilot Overview

The major question is, “Is Microsoft Copilot free?” 

There’s not one Copilot at Microsoft, but several individual companions exist for diverse tasks. At this 2024 year’s Ignite occasion, they solidified their position as the ‘Copilot company’ by introducing new updates to their AI roadmap.

In essence, Microsoft’s Copilots work similarly, using LLM. They have conversational interfaces, Microsoft integration, and connect to Graph features. Unlike competitors like Google Duet, which focuses on one area, Microsoft’s Copilots serve various purposes, such as Microsoft Teams, Office apps, Dynamics, and more.

Pricing Details for Microsoft Copilot

Copilot is a bot in Microsoft tools like Word and PowerPoint. You can talk to it in regular language to get things done. Its main job is to assist you digitally.

What you can do with Copilot relies on the chosen answer. Answers to the question “Is Microsoft Copilot free?” also vary. The availability and cost of Microsoft Copilot can vary. Microsoft updated the Copilot strategy in 2024 based on user feedback.

The company found that Copilot users fall into different groups. Some are programmers, researchers, and creators who desire quick access.

Others are Microsoft 365 users who wish to use Copilot for personal apps. Users also require full Copilot capabilities, industry data protection, and integration with Microsoft Teams.

Different Copilot plans are tailored for all users, beginning with Copilot Pro.

Let’s explore Copilot pricing for Microsoft 365 customers and others.

Is Copilot Microsoft Free? What’s Free

If you’re wondering, “Is Microsoft Copilot free?” Good news! You can access some basic features at no cost, like data protection and web grounding. But you won’t get Copilot features like Word or Teams.

Free customers can only use Copilot in specific solutions, like:

Bing Chat

is microsoft copilot free for bing chat enterprise

“Is Microsoft Copilot Free?” Yes, Microsoft Copilot is free, but there are also premium versions like Bing Chat.

The basic service that helps with search and provides a personal assistant was free. As an added benefit to Microsoft 365 users, Bing Chat Enterprise does not cost extra.

Now, Microsoft has changed “Bing Chat” & “Bing Chat Enterprise” to “Microsoft Copilot.” Despite the name change, it still does” the”same things and co”ts the same. Microsoft Copilot can answer questions, analyze data, and make content.

When you use Copilot with your Entra ID, it includes commercial data protection for free. It’s still free with 365 E3 & E5 and Business plans.

The Microsoft Copilot application for Windows

Microsoft Copilot for Windows, like the basic version, is free. It’s part of a Windows 11 update from September 26th, 2023. If you’ve got the latest Windows version, you can use it for free.

Copilot makes managing your computer easier. You can drop photos into chats to know more and talk to a chatbot using your voice or typing. It can also help with PC settings, shopping, or writing essays.

Is Microsoft Copilot Free? A Pro Package

There are two plans:

  1. Microsoft Copilot Pro offers advanced features and upgrades for Microsoft apps like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. It costs $20/month per user.
  2. To use Copilot with Microsoft 365 apps, you’ll need a separate subscription on top of Copilot Pro, which starts at $6.99/month for personal and $9.99/month for a family subscription (for up to 6 users).

Your monthly cost for Copilot and Microsoft 365 could range from $26.99 to $29.99.

Microsoft Copilot Pro: What’s Included?

Microsoft introduces Copilot Pro, an upgraded version of their generative AI app, offering everyday users a more advanced experience. It includes priority access to OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 Turbo model.

Users can switch between models for customized use. Copilot Pro features a unified AI experience across the web, PC, and smartphone and integration into Microsoft Office apps. It also enables AI-driven image creation with enhanced tools.

While Copilot Studio isn’t available on the Pro plan, users can still easily utilize Copilot GPT builder to create custom solutions.

Microsoft 365 Copilot for Business

Microsoft Copilot Pro offers an upgraded experience at a lower cost for individuals, while Copilot for Microsoft 365 is tailored for organizations.

Initially, there was a requirement to buy Copilot for a minimum of 300 users, costing $9,000 per month, plus additional fees for Microsoft 365 accounts. However, Microsoft removed this minimum requirement in January 2024, and now Copilot is available for Office 365 E3 and E5 customers.

Additionally, Copilot for Microsoft 365 can be obtained through Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Providers. A version of Microsoft 365 Education is also now accessible.

Is Microsoft 365 Copilot Free for Business Clients?

Is Microsoft Copilot free for business clients? Microsoft Copilot isn’t free for business users, but it offers extra features for $30 per user per month with the Copilot for Microsoft 365 plan. This includes Copilot Pro features and works with all your Microsoft 365 apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, Outlook, Power Platform, Business Chat, and Microsoft Loop.

Here’s what Copilot does in each app:

  • Word: Writes, edits, and summarizes content.
  • PowerPoint: Turns ideas into presentations with notes and citations.
  • Excel: Helps find insights in data and makes better spreadsheets.
  • Teams: Summarize conversations and suggest action items.
  • Team Phone: Summarizes phone calls and suggests next steps.
  • Outlook: Organizes inboxes and suggests email responses.
  • Power Platform: Assists with developing low-code applications.
  • Business Chat: Summarizes chats, finds important dates, and helps with business plans.
  • Microsoft Loop: Improves collaboration by aligning data and summarizing content.

Is Microsoft Copilot Free for Students?

Microsoft Copilot is free for students and faculty aged 18+ with Microsoft 365 A3 and A5 plans. You’ll need a $30/month subscription for extra features and top-notch security.

Is Copilot Studio Free?

The Microsoft 365 plan offers Copilot access for your apps and Microsoft Graph Grounding for drawing information from your Microsoft Graph and enterprise data protection.

You also gain complete access to Copilot Studio, a low-code tool introduced at Microsoft Ignite 2023. This tool lets users customize their Microsoft 365 copilots and create generative AI apps.

With Copilot Studio, you can tailor Copilots for Word, Teams, and other apps with your business data and develop, test, and publish standalone copilots. Additionally, you can link Copilots to other data sources like CRMs and business databases.

Currently, there’s a free trial for Copilot access, but after that, a Copilot for Microsoft 365 subscription ($30 per user per month) will be required.

Other Fees and Plans for Microsoft Copilot

We’ve talked about the free Copilot features and some paid plans. Whether Microsoft Copilot is free is a bit tricky. Different versions might cost you. Here’s a summary of the costs for each version.

Is Sales and Service for Microsoft Copilot Free?

Microsoft has integrated Copilot features into its tools for customer-focused businesses. In Dynamics 365, Copilot combines customer data and journey tools. These capabilities are included in the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights subscription, starting at $1,397.30/month per tenant. Some Dynamics subscriptions offer Copilot features for free.

At Ignite 2023, Microsoft unveiled Copilot for Sales and Copilot for Service. Copilot for Sales provides auto-generated summaries, email creation, meeting prep, and real-time seller guidance. It’s available as an add-on for $50/month per user or in certain Dynamics 365 packages.

Copilot for Service supports contact centre teams with data alignment tools and content creation. It’s available as an add-on for $50/month per user.

Is Copilot on GitHub Free?

GitHub Copilot is distinct from Microsoft’s latest Copilot tools. Introduced in 2021, GitHub Copilot is a cloud-based AI tool that helps developers with code recommendations and automating tasks. It analyzes your code context to suggest edits in your text editor.

GitHub Copilot offers two licenses: “Copilot Individual” for personal users at $10 per month or $100 per year and “Copilot Business” for advanced tools and audit logs at $19 per month per user.

For Viva users, is Microsoft Copilot Free?

Microsoft Viva, the tool for engaging employees from the tech giant, will soon include Copilot features. These features will bring AI assistance to all Viva toolkit apps like Viva Connections, Engage, Viva Pulse, and Goals.

Like Microsoft 365 Copilot, Viva’s AI will offer different benefits tailored to each app. For example, in Viva Engage, users can easily create engaging posts and track engagement metrics. In Viva Learning, Copilot will suggest personalized learning tools and summarize topics.

To use Copilot in Viva, you’ll need a subscription to the Viva platform and an additional subscription similar to Microsoft 365 Copilot. However, the cost of Viva Copilot hasn’t been announced by Microsoft yet.

Microsoft Security Copilot: Is it Free of Cost?

Microsoft’s new AI tool, Security Copilot, assists security professionals by offering a unique pricing structure. It’s currently in Early Access, aiding companies in threat hunting, training, and issue resolution. 

Moreover, it predicts threats and mitigates risks for businesses. Users also get Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence and API access at no extra cost, integrating with all Microsoft security products. Pricing details will be disclosed upon the solution’s full release.

How Much Does Microsoft Copilot Cost?

Microsoft Copilot has different versions with varying costs. Some parts are free, like Bing Chat and Windows Copilot, while others require a subscription or have their pricing plans.

For individuals, Copilot Pro costs around $30 per month or $20 if bundled with a Microsoft subscription. This doesn’t include some features like Copilot Studio or Copilot for Teams.

Businesses pay $30 monthly on top of their Microsoft 365 subscription for Copilot. This can be more expensive than some 365 plans, which range from $12 to $23 per month per user. Higher-end plans start at $38 per month.

However, a minimum seat requirement is no longer required, making Copilot more accessible for smaller companies.

Specific solutions like Copilot for Sales and Service cost $50 per user monthly.

Comparatively, Google Duet and ChatGPT Plus charge $30 and $20 per month per user.


Knowing Microsoft Copilot is free might lead you to ask if it’s worth it. While it can be expensive, especially for broader use, it offers various tools catering to different needs. It’s versatile, improving meetings, calls, and team productivity. Microsoft invested heavily in its development, making it a comprehensive assistant. While you might pay more for Microsoft’s tools, the benefits of efficiency, productivity, and creativity could outweigh the cost.


Is Microsoft Copilot available now?

Microsoft Copilot has been available for enterprise customers since November 1, 2023, for educational staff since January 1, 2024, and for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers as Copilot Pro.

Do you have to pay for Copilot?

Participating in the program is free; you don’t need to give any payment info to join. But when it’s over, you might need to pay to keep using Copilot.

How do I access Microsoft Copilot?

To get Microsoft 365 Copilot access:

1. Visit
2. Click Request access.
3. Sign in with your Microsoft account.

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