7 Creative Mobile Cover Painting Ideas to Add a Personal Touch

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If you want to know how to start a phone case business and be successful in it, then you need to know the basic ideas that are used in the mobile case printing business in general. Here are some ideas for designing your own customized mobile cover.

1. Abstract

Abstract art is a type of art that does not depict natural objects but instead employs colours, shapes, and textures to create a visually appealing composition. Use bright colours and aggressive brushstrokes to create an abstract design that is unique and eye-catching. Use this abstract ideas as back cover design ideas for custom mobile covers.

2. Nature

Nature-inspired designs incorporate colours and pictures from nature, such as flowers, leaves, or animals, to produce a natural and organic appearance. These patterns might be simple or complex, with components such as leaves, flowers, or birds.

3.Pop Art

Pop art is a type of art that arose in the 1950s and is distinguished by bright colours and basic shapes. Use vibrant colours and basic forms to create a pop art-inspired design while painting a mobile cover

 4. Typography

Typography is the art of arranging type in order to make written language legible, readable, and visually appealing. Use different fonts and text to create a design that spells out a quotation, term, or name while painting a mobile cover.

5. Watercolor

Watercolor is a painting technique in which pigments are suspended in a water-soluble medium. Use watercolour paints to produce a smooth, dreamy appearance while painting a mobile cover.

 6. Personal photos

These are images that have sentimental importance; they could be of a family member, a pet, or a beloved area. Make a phone case out of a personal photo or an image that has sentimental meaning while painting a mobile cover. Use platforms like Mockey to generate such high quality image products.

7. Black and white

Black and white are the absence and presence of all colours, respectively. Use black and white colours to create a minimalist and classy look while painting a mobile cover. These are just a few of the many mobile cover ideas to get you started. Initially, you can imply these ideas to your design to start your business.



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